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Cooler Bags are cool as Cucumber

cooler bags

BRANDTAG designs and manufacturers soft insulated cooler bags.

Cooler Bags are now part of our life in this part of the region, due to the extreme whether conditions in the part of region, people tend to use insulated cooler bags to carry food to their office, schools, gym and for gathering,

We believe in making good and high quality cooler bags with cost effective and amazing designs that are practical, trendy and can be used on daily basis.

Our trendy designs are designed with the clients needs in mind – they can be used for daily hot or cold weather use in UAE or any part of Gulf or Middle East and African region. We consider to our customers and have brought you the best quality cooler bags that people can use for daily purpose.

If you have your own design for the cooler bags, we can ...

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2019 Diary or Agendas and Notebooks Booking Started

2019 Diary

2019 Agenda’s are a great way of keeping yourself organized. Using a 2019 Agenda will help ensure you don’t forget that important business meeting you have coming up next month. A 2019 Agenda is also great for reminding you of personal events like you partners birthday, or more importantly your wedding anniversary. There is also a handy little ribbon page marker on our range of 2019 Agenda’s making it easy to mark and find the current day.

When choosing your 2019 Agenda’s there are several thing you need to consider like the size, layout, color and whether it has appointment times. Well you will be please to know at BRANDTAG we have made choosing your 2019 Agenda as simple as possible. We are one of the suppliers of the 2019 Agenda’s in Dubai, UAE...
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