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Album Notebooks are the amazing full color printed cover notebooks

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Classic Notebooks are the best economical books

ClassicNotebooks This is the wonderful article i have just written on 'Classic Notebooks' from BRANDTAGRead More

Notebooks are the best writing tool which can be used throughout the Year

Notebooks with Elastic

Notebooks are the best economical gift as give-away for your clients, the Notebooks comes in a perfect size, which can fit to one hand for the daily usage, espacially for meetings, personal notes, daily stories, travel stories …etc.

Notebooks comes in a size of 21cm height x 12cm width, which can be customized with plenty of colors and designs, BRANDTAG can produce notebooks with customized designs with elastic closure with pen-loop and pockets. The covers are mage with PU, leather, rexine, velvet, Aluminum Sheets and many more.

Below are the available design options for the Note Books :-

  • Vertical Elastic Closure + Pen-Loop
  • Horizontal Elastic Closure + Pen-Loop
  • Cover Pen-Loop
  • Side Pen-Pocket + Elastic
  • Side Pen-Loop + Elastic
  • Two Color PU Cover
  • Spiral Notebook
  • Flexy Notebook
  • Magnetic Clos...
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Exhibition Stand Building from BRANDTAG


BRANDTAG is one kind of  #exhibition #stand #builders that meet the needs of our clients in and around #UAE. The  #exhibition #stands can be adjusted to meet your corporate needs and ensure that they are most suitable to the nature of the business, products, areas, OH & S rules and regulations.

As the expertise in #exhibition #stand #builders in #UAE, specifically #UAE, #Dubai business owners can choose BRANDTAG, we have build-up quite good number of #exhibition #stands that are up to the latest trends, innovative and effective #designs. This is why we are requesting the customers to come to us for all their #exhibition #stand needs in #Dubai, #UAE.
BRANDTAG can help you to work with in your budget for building up the #exhibition #stand. BRANDTAG‘s experience team has expertise in d...
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