Fabric Display Kit

Digital printing has advanced up-front over the past years. BrandTag can now produce digitally printed fabrics for a wide range of display applications. All kind of graphics including photo’s, drawings, designs, graphs, any kind of maps, and almost anything you can imagine can be printed on to the fabric display kit with lighting. Use them anywhere to make an impact or to provide a colorful environment.

Fabric Display Graphics can be used with Panels or Kit  and they will not only be awesome, but they can provide durable, attractive display solutions in lobbies, walkways, offices, shopping malls, outdoor events ( especially night events), road shows, multi-purpose rooms and more. They can also be used as signage, as banners and more. With different sizes and the design possibilities are endless.This kit is one of the new Fabric Display stand available in Dubai, UAE, it can be replace with Roll-Up stands, which grabs the attention of the crowd or to publicize the brand or the new product.

We are very confident that, it will be the attention grabber in this part of world, like Dubai , UAE one of the happening place’s in the world in this winter season, specially for the Dubai, for the launch of new products …etc.

The below showcased some examples of what can be done with fabric display kit. Graphics can be printed on a wide range of fabrics. Provide your designs, brand logo’s, product images.BrandTag is one of the supplier of the ‘Fabric Display Kit’, and it can be replace with the ‘Roll-Up’ banners. Contact BrandTag for a quotation. Price includes aluminium panels, led lights framework and installation tools. For acoustical applications, pre-made panels or custom features please contact us to request a quote.

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For detailed information & specification and for quote for the Fabric Display Kiy:-
Please call us : +971 55 1765405 or email usmithun@thebrandtag.com