Why ViDEO it ?

Creating your corporate video message for targeted audience response…

Corporate video making has changed for the better. You no longer have to choose between “cheap but good quality”, or “great but completely very expensive”.

At the same time, the rise of fast Internet in Dubai, UAE, improved technology and desktop social networks have empowered audiences in UAE and turned their expectations.

A new kind of audience in UAE is demanding a new kind of corporate video

  • Companies in UAE are learning that it is important to show their mark in UAE
  • Engaging messages are more valuable than textbook sales pitches
  • The secret lies in understanding your audience in UAE, and knowing what they respond to

Have a look at the examples on BrandTag Website to see how we’ve helped companies of all shapes and sizes achieve these goals.

Or visit BrandTag‘s video production works on YouTube to learn more about how we work to shape your message for audience response and engagement.

More Than Just Corporate Video

Making a great corporate video is just the beginning.

Guarantee a successful start

  • Advanced video distribution and promotion.
  • Driving your target audience from around the web towards your video and your website.

Get great exposure

  • BrandTag make films for influential media brands like the Wall Street Journal and the Telegraph Business Club – with access to discerning audiences.
  • Get peace of mind knowing our approach in Dubai, UAE is widely recognized.

Targeted Video Production: Distribution & Promotion

Using the right platforms to get you great exposure in UAE

We’ll distribute your video across the globe or in UAE using the network of up to 50 small, medium and large video platforms and over 100 social-media sharing sites.

Our expert team takes care of tagging, descriptions, formats, links back to your site from YouTube videos … well, yes, they take care of everything.

Views and Traffic
Highly targeted views – from 10,000 to over 100,000 +
48 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube, every minute of every day. It’s easy for your corporate video to become a needle in a haystack – but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our advanced promotion strategy

  • We identify your target audience by demographics and location
  • We drive them from around the web to your video
  • We drive them from your video to your website
  • We maintain strict quality controls to ensure all your views are genuine people interested in your product or services

So, whether you need 10,000 quality, targeted views or a million – we can make them happen.