BRANDTAG are the go-to solution to many business problems in offline (real) & online (virtual) worlds. In retail management, tags record and protect stock from theft. In real life, tags help to locate the files or data easily within a category on a file folder or computer and used to point to a particular page on a diary. In digital world, tags measure traffic on a website, important in website optimization & ad serving and have crucial role in web analytics.

The BRANDTAG aims to secure your brand’s distinctive identity through the below the line (BTL) advertising. We propose activities that foster the core proposition and raise the brand position to the top in the taxonomy of brands in each product category.

Just as tags are intended to provide simple information of description & whereabouts, The BRANDTAG speaks simple ideas that help target audience to locate the brand and to have a truthful brand experience.


The BRANDTAG has started-up in 2012 by like-minded partners who have collective experience of more than 10years in printing, production, designing and activation. We support our business partners to reach their marketing communications to their key target group. We endeavor to establish connection of our clients with their target audience cost-effectively within time frame through mentally, emotionally, physically and/ or functionally.

BTL advertising desires to focus specific set of target group successively among the vast potential audience either through sampling/ activation/ leaflet distribution/ packaging/ customized giveaways/ marketing collateral/ detailed brochures/ exhibition stands/ retail displays/ special display zones/ POPs.

For any successful BTL campaigns, understanding the need and objectives of the client is essential. Also details of other marketing communications campaigns – ATL & Digital are advisable. What is the expected contribution of BTL promotional activities within the promotion pillar of marketing mix? Understanding of the current and possible future market trends, customer mindset and purchase patterns, and competitive landscape are required to plan the most appropriate solution.We suggest feasible, result oriented & objective driven ideas based on the perception of the needs, available budget and time. We believe in having synergy with above the line (ATL) advertising campaigns critically.

We strive to combine passion and process in our approach.

Process Oriented: Documentation, quality check  |  Passion: Passionate to brand communications campaigns to deliver results

Strategy: Guided by set objectives and strategy | Budget: Propose the most suitable option | Timing: On time delivery of services in normal conditions & avoids last minute surprises

Balance: Balance of quality, budget and time is ensured | Design: Principle based on Simple is smart & within guidelines

Evaluation: Measurement qualitatively and quantitatively

Our services

We offer customized solution to enhance the visibility of the brand and accelerate customer purchase journey. Our services adhere to brief, budget and time from inception to completion.


We design any element required to connect with your audience - Brochures, Leaflets, Pamphlets, Flyers, Newsletters, Bags, Packaging, Product Manual, Sales Training Materials, Local Adaption of a Global Campaign, Annual & Financial Reports, Presentations, Exhibition Stands, Display Stands and Website etc. Even if your product offering is not distinctive, we aim to bring the differentiation through skillful creative execution.Select right content, which includes images, photography, typography, message presentation, illustration and present the information in an artistic, engaging, impactful and uncluttered manner.


Roll ups, POP UPs, Event Graphics, Backdrops, Acrylic Displays, Flags, Banners, Indoor & Outdoor Stickers & Branding, Vehicle Graphics, Light Boxes, Backlit Displays.

Point of Sale or Point of Purchase Elements

Floor & Wall Stickers, Shelf Strips, Wobblers, Streamers, Gondola Displays, Premium Displays, Window Display, Cash Counter Display. Comprehend the brand offering in simple style & maximize visibility, while minimizing cost.


Product, industrial & event photography.


Branding Identity & Brand Architecture Development. The primary requirement of any new business is to create a distinctive identity – name, typographic and iconography logo. The brand architecture is the brand guideline detailing narrative of dos and don’ts on the logo usage; fonts; colors; importance of branding when used alone and when collaborated with other companies; framework for all visible communication elements like office interiors, stationery, advertising templates, website design, e-mailer pattern, uniforms etc. Having a strong identity is the foundation to establish any successful brand.


Exhibition stands design within guidelines, installation & dismantling, Road Show Stands, Retail Product Display Design & Fabrication, Kiosks, Counter Display, Metal Fabrication.

Translation and adaptation

We offer translation into multiple languages and adaption to different elements of global advertising campaigns, labels and packaging.

Direct Mailer

We undertake door-to-door Leaflet Distribution in all emirates of UAE (Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Qwain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah & Abu Dhabi) and direct mailer to a specific contact group.


Offset, Large format, Digital Printing & Screen Printing. Design, artwork preparation, printing, quality assessment & color matching of elements like Business Cards, Stationery, Flyers, Brochures, Diaries, Packaging,Paper Bags, Non-woven Bags, Calendars, Stickers, Bags, T-shirts etc, timely & cost effectively on appropriate medium. Different designing techniques that use various modes of communication
may offer diverse features, what remains
common is that they target to convince your
audiences to market a product or service
that your business sells.


Company Signage, Indoor & Outdoor
Signs either Backlit, Lightbox, LED panel & using different materials like metal, acrylic, wood etc.

3D Model Making

Company Signage, Indoor & Outdoor
Signs either Backlit, Lightbox, LED panel & using different
materials like metal,
acrylic, wood etc.


Sampling, road shows and other activities that provides the opportunity to the audience to experience brand.

What else we provide?

Mainstream Media

Today’s media landscape is forever evolving. With our expertise and strong association with the media houses in the entire Middle East; we can help plan and negotiate the best deals - enabling you to reach your audience more frequently and ensuring that every penny of your media budget is optimally spent.

Social/Digital Media

A fully integrated Social Media unit of Stories to support businesses excel in the competetive online world.

  • Social Media Strategy Planning and Integration
  • Tailor-made strategies to Maximise ROI
  • End to end Execution on all popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
  • Performance Reporting and Analysis
  • Email / SMS


Explore more Services

Difficult in sourcing the items?


Trading stamps or promotional items or corporate gifts with company’s name & logo create goodwill of the company and act as indirect sales inducement. Moreover these items reach the target audience directly without wastage.

We supply customized corporate giveaway including :-

Table Decorations | Diaries, Notebooks, Writing Pads on normal and recycled paper | Calendars | Pens – Regular, executive, branded and eco-friendly paper pens | Fridge Magnets | Bags – jute bags, non woven bags, laptop bags, executive bags, food bags | Bean Bags | Key chains and cases | Mugs – porcelain, travel mugs | USB’s | Uniforms | T-shirts | Customized Perfumes | Awards, Trophies, Plaques | Premium Gift Boxes



It  is a service of which we operates from our office. We specialise in the door to door distribution or leaflet distribution or Flyer Distribution of customers own leaflets or brochures. In addition we can design and print leaflets for most types of business in UAE. We are full team of the Direct Marketing. For inquires and demograph of each area, e-mail us to

Exhibition Stand Building

BRANDTAG is one kind of exhibition stand builders that meet the needs of our clients in and around UAE. The exhibition #stands can be adjusted to meet your corporate needs and ensure that they are most suitable to the nature of the business, products, areas, OH & S rules and regulations. we can help you to work with in your budget for building up the exhibition stand.

Gift a Pen

Search for the perfect pen? Corporate Gift Pens are the best item, which can be gifted to your clients in an economic way with your company logo. Pens are the best gift with the company logo, which will remain with them for a long time. Normally ‘pens’ are commonly used by everyone for their personal use, on office tables, on meetings along with the scribbling pad. 

Ceramic/Sublimation Mug

Ceramic Mugs are the best personalized item, which will be always be on a table, mugs can be branded and be gifted to your clients to give them a personalized approach. Ceramic Mugs come in wide range of colors and shapes, which can be branded with your company logo to any kind of full color print, it can be your clients smiling face to a personalized full color image.

Social Media Marketing

Integrating traditional BTL campaigns with online marketing solutions result in creating more awareness, increase familiarity and more engagement. Nowadays media can be considered as any space between the brands and their audience & brands and products have become media through which customers experience their lives.

Key is to create good visual content through high quality video and photography.

Website: Website design, development, hosting and maintenance

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Social media platform set up, policy framework, social media calendar, social media communication and engagement, listening to audience, escalation management, social media campaign development & management, pixel and tag tracking, analysis and reporting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): On-page & off-page optimization, content development with tags & meta tags, aim to be the top of major search engine results page, website traffic measurement, analytics and reports. Support in taxonomy as business expands.

Email Marketing: Email design, delivery, reports of engagement and bounce rates.

Print Management

We support with print management to organizations, which practices strict process and procedure. We will be the single point of contact for all print jobs – from choosing the right material, right printing technology with respect to requirements, cost estimate for different specifications, producing samples, approvals, ensuring printing and production quality, arranging timely delivery – thereby saves time and effort of the organization.
To make a big impression with the printed word, opt only for quality printing services. And this is exactly what you
get at BrandTag, Dubai – UAE. We offer clients several printing options to select from but what remains common
is our dedication to upholding the highest levels of quality. It is our aim to provide clients printing services that
match their requirements. From single color, multi color printing to screen-printing and offset printing, we offer it
all, and on virtually all surfaces. We provide :-
• Brochures, Leaflets and Handouts
• Corporate Stationary (Business Cards, Letter Heads, CD ROMs etc.)
• Corporate Promotion Materials (T-shirts, Shirts, and Caps etc.)
• Books, Magazines and Journals
• Posters and other promotional materials
• Annual Reports

Coffee cups

inspiring lives

-Jobless Single Mother
-Fought Depression
-Rejected by 12 publishers -Became the richest author


J. K. Rowling
Author, Harry Potter, $1 Billion

-Suffering from Dyslexia
-Performed poorly at School
-Now lives on an Island owned by him


Richard Brasnon
Creator, Virgin, $4.8 Billion

-Rejected by Facebook & Twitter
-Built an App that facebook later bought for 18 Billion

Brian Acton

Brian Acton
Co-Founder, WhatsApp, $4.5 Billion

-At 21 , diagnosed with ALS, a disease that shuts down nerves
-Eventually lost ability to speak & move 
-Defied all odds & became a leading scientist

Stephan Hawkings

Stephen Hawking
Physicist, $20 Billion

-Rejected from 30 jobs including KFC
-Rejected from Harvard 10 times
-Failed school & college exams


Jack Ma
Founder Alibaba, $23.7 Billion

Who we are

At BRANDTAG we believe it’s the people that make the business. We are justly proud of our dynamic, committed and collectively inspired team


About us

BRANDTAG is an integrated full-service Agency, with good industry experience in communication and design within the GCC and India. We pride ourselves on our innate ability to craft and deliver truly innovative and compelling campaigns that talk directly to the people who matter the most.
We are passionate about our clients, their brands, and the work we do on their behalf.  If you’re looking for an agency to take your brand to the next level, just tell us what you want to achieve, and we will blend the perfect mix of strategy and creativity to ensure that you arrive at exactly where you want to be.

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