Flexi Notebooks

Flexi Notebook

‘Flexi Notebooks’ are produced as per the name defines, its made for the flexible or daily use and these notebooks can be folded to lazy old college days which we use to keep it in our pocket. The covers are made with PU with wide range of colors starting from basic color Green, Brown, Silver, Red, Orange, Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Dark Gray, Yellow, white and the list goes-on, and its pasted to thinner GSM cover to make it flexible to fold or to carry in our hands with freedom or to recall our good old college days. The ‘Flexi Notebooks’ are made to the perfection and we make sure the notebooks lasts long and will it be a daily writing tool. Call us or e-mail us for the PU swatch to select your corporate color, and we can tailor-made your notebook with de-embossed or printed company logo on cover with elastic closure band with individual box packing to gift it your clients.

The available design options for the Notebooks :-
Vertical Elastic Closure + Pen-Loop, Horizontal Elastic Closure + Pen-Loop, Cover Pen-Loop, Side Pen-Pocket + Elastic, Side Pen-Loop + Elastic, Two Color PU Cover, Spiral Notebook, Flexy Notebook, Magnetic Closure Notebook, Rope Elastic Notebook, Hard-Bound Notebook, 2020 Diaries & Agenda, here we are showcasing ‘Classic Notebooks’ with wide range of options …

PU Colors

PU colors

‘Flexi Notebooks’ are available in the following PU colors :-
Black, Navy, Purple, Dark Gray, Green, Turquoise, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Grey, Pink, Orange, Beige, Light Blue, Lime Green, Yellow, White and customized UV printing on top of the PU, please find the below flip book for the available color with rich texture, e-mail or send us your courier to pick-up the physical copy which will give you the richness of the PU and rexine materials. Click Here to View Online

Sheet Features

  • Sizes
  • – 13×21 (129x207mm)
  • – 15×21 (146x208mm)
  • – Custom Sizes

The above mentioned is the standard book-block sizes available in stock for the notebooks, we can customize to any size based on your requirement.

Sheet Amount

Sheet amount
  • – 96 Sheets, 70 gsm Creme Italian Paper
  • – 112 Sheets, 70 gsm Creme Italian Paper
  • – 96 Sheets, 80 gsm Creme Italian Paper
  • – 112 Sheets, 80 gsm Creme Italian Paper
  • – 96 Sheets, 80 gsm Wood free White Paper
  • – 112 Sheets, 80 gsm Wood free White Paper
  • – Custom Sheet Amounts

Notebook sheet GSM an be changed based on your requirement, 70 & 80 GSM are the best possible options for the notebooks and 96 & 112 sheets gives the perfect thickness for the notebooks to carry it freely for day-to-day use.

Inner Pages

inner pads
  • Inner Pads
  • – Gray Lined Pages
  • – Gray Grid Pages
  • – Plain Pages

Lined, Grid or Squared and Plain pages are the three commonly used inside page formats for the notebooks, we can customize it fully with your company website in one color or even the company logo in all pages as per your branding guidelines, avoiding this will gives you save more on the price and increase the quantity with the saved money and spread your love by gifting the branded notebooks to your clients and customers.

Page Applications

page application
  • – Inserts
  • – Perforation
  • – Tabs

Notebooks can be added with inserts as a ‘Company Profile’ in the first page or multiple pages, even we can add ‘feedback’ form with ‘perforation’ which can be teared-off easily from the notebook, collected after filling the form. ‘Tabs’ can be made on the sides of the pages to notify months or sections for the ease of going to the exact pages or sections of the notebooks.

End Papers

end paper
  • – 4 Lined (150 gsm paper)
  • – Null (150 gsm paper)
  • – Custom

Notebooks front inside page on front and the end paper on the back inside page can be customized with 150 GSM paper to give the notebook the rich look with full color printed contents or images and followed by the ‘company profile’ or lined, grid, plain or customized pages.


  • – Paper (Inside Rear Cover)
  • – PVC (Inside Front Cover)
  • – Null

Pockets can be added to the inside rear cover of the notebooks with 300 gsm paper, were we can keep currencies or notes, the pocket fixing has to be done manually by pasting to inside front cover or inside back cover.


Round Cornerssharpcorners Sharp Corners roundspine Round Spine
frenchgrooveFrench GroovehardcoverHard CovercoverwithfoamCover + Foam

Cover Branding

– Debossing– Debossing all over Surface– Foiling
– Digital printing– Null– Plain
cover branding
Cover Branding

Branding can be done in many ways on the cover of the Notebooks, the most widely and popular method is ‘debossing’ the company logo on PU cover of the notebooks, we can suggest you the best method based on the texture of the PU you select, the next option for branding is foiling on the cover, the most widely used colors are gold and silver, the perfection for the foiling is best on the rexine material, the next option is ‘UV Printing’ on PU cover, with this method we can print any images or color on top PU, white color PU will provide you the best printing results of the image on top of the notebook cover.


– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null
elasticband Elastic Band
– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null
edgeprinting Edge Printing
– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null
penloop Pen Loop
– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null
borderstitching Border Stitching
– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null
headtails Head & Tails
– Same Color with PU
– Custom Color
– Null

metalaccessoryMetal Accessory ( minimum 15 – 20 days for production )


heatsealHeat Seal Wrapbellyband Belly Band Sleev Boxluxurybox Luxury Box
Notebook Presentation



Approx. Values
Box Size : 45 x 35 x 25 cm
Unit Qty : 50 pcs
Box Weight : 16 kgs ( approx )

We can manufacture the ‘Flexi Notebooks’ in any quantity to any designs, we will take orders from other Gulf/Middle East/Africa region, we are based in UAE, we can supply or deliver to any Emirate like Abu DhabiAjmanDubaiFujairahRas al-KhaimahSharjah, and Umm al-QuwainAl Ain and in Gulf regions like Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, KSA …etc with additional cost. The minimum MOQ has to be 50 – 100 pieces and the production will take 10 – 30 days, depending upon the design and customization of the ‘Flexi Notebook. Drop us an e-mail with your design and quantity, after estimation we can provide you a sample with a fair cost, which will be adjusted upon the confirmation of the manufacturing.
For detailed information & specification, please call us on +971 55 1765405 or email us : mithun@thebrandtag.com, thebrandtag@gmail.com

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