Website Design

The design for your website plays a crucial in role in its success. The human mind seeks harmony and when a visitor to your site finds that the website design, content and development go hand in hand, they are pleased.
Website design should be both pleasing to the eye and a reflection of your business. So if yours is a business associated with fun such as that of a party planner its design would be rather different from the website design for a law firm. Every website design should be distinct and in keeping with its purpose and audience. This is what our website designers use as a blueprint to base a design on. Please have a look at our website design portfolio for a better understanding of our quality of work.
Our designers have the experience of working on website designs for an array of industries. This provides them the expertise to ensure that every website design is apt and focused. From the basics of design to ensuring the website design reflects the mood of the content and facilitates good navigation, our website designers keep it all in mind when creating your website design.

Website Development

Irrespective of its industry, the size of your business or its audience, an online presence is essential for every business and organization. The Internet offers your business a platform to reach out to its target audience and develop new markets. It is also an excellent means of communicating with clients and customers alike and developing a brand identity of your very own.
Website development involves an array of crucial and focused processes including web hosting, designing, development, maintenance and marketing. Rather than divert your resources from your core business area you can allow BrandTag, Dubai, UAE to handle website development for your business. We have the experience and expertise to ensure that your website development is smooth and offers a site that matches your business profile and satisfy your marketing goals.
Whether yours is an e-commerce website or a corporate site primarily to establish a virtual presence, we offer just the right solutions and take away the bother of having to deal with umpteen details that are characteristic of website development. Please do visit our website development portfolio to get a clear picture of our latest projects.

Website Maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance of your website is a prerequisite for any business to maintain a vibrant online presence. Wesite maintenance may be costing your business large amounts of money or diverting your human resources towards this task. By outsourcing your website maintenance toBrandTag, Dubai, UAE not only can you bring down the relevant bills but also ensure that you are able to focus on your core business area.
To keep the traffic coming in and to ensure that they stay interested in your website, it needs to offer quality content that are frequently updated. From regular content updates and checking for bugs to ensuring that all pages function properly and offer great content and images, website maintenance covers an array of tasks that need to be handled by professionals.

Some of our cost effective website maintenance services include the following:
• Analysis of your current website based on several marketing and aesthetic parameters
• Bug testing – missing links, spell check, cleaning up code, compatibility check etc
• Content updates for frequently updated areas of the website, like news and events
• Content management
• Addition of new pages
• Deletion of outdated pages
• Developing Flash banners and product/service demos
• Graphic works such as creative designing, banner ad development, icons creation etc.
For bigger customers, we can also set-up a dedicated team for all the maintenance activities. The maintenance assignments can be short-term, long-term or fixed pricing.

E-commerce Website 

If yours is an e-commerce website then its design is important not just for aesthetic reasons but for the confidence it inspires in your customers. Any business that has an e-commerce site will agree that their website design should be handled only by experienced professionals. BrandTag, Dubai, UAE understands that e-commerce website design is not just about graphic designs that the site can use but also about functionality and the manner in which the design can hold the site together.
We offer e-commerce web design that makes it easy for visitors to access the information and products that they are looking for. Thus, the design we develop for your website takes into account how your website should be linked to ensure smooth navigation. We pay careful attention to the shopping cart and products section as we do to the design for the payment gateway.
Some of the features in our e-com website design services include:
• Customizable product catalog pages
• Online registration
• Online order processing and authorization
• Shipping charges calculation online (integrated with FEDEX components or other providers)
• Credit card processing, verification and charging
• In-built admin module
• Order reports

Blog Design 

A blog is a personalized way to communicate your thoughts and opinions with other internet users. It is one of the few spaces where people can say what they want and how they want to, to elicit a response from like minded people. This makes it crucial for a blog design to be apt for your business or organization and reflect its corporate identity and the values it holds dear.
BrandTag, Dubai, UAE understands how impressive a communication tool your blog can be and how the blog design can set the tone for what is to be said. We offer designs that aren’t just based on design principles and are aesthetically pleasing but those that naturally and logically connect the many parts of the blog to each other.
From the manner in which content is displayed, color scheme that complement the content to details such as the footer and links on the page, we ensure that every little detail is focused upon. For a look at some of our recent blog designs do visit our blog design portfolio. For more details contact us today!

Web Hosting 

Website hosting is a vital part of a website’s success even though its impact is seen only when you choose a bad web host. Website hosting quite literally places your website files on a server so that they are accessible on the internet. It is important to choose a reliable and reputed web host who offers quality services and delivers them. BrandTag, Dubai, UAE does just that.
We understand how important your website is to your business and offer web hosting services that guarantee you optimum performance. We offer you several packages for you to select from, but what remains common is the unwavering superior service that is assured. From domain name registration to Email packages, Website space, Database functionalities and technical support we offer everything to provide you efficient web hosting.

E-mailer and e-Newsletter Design 

E-mail has become the tool for fast and efficient communication on the internet. It is the most cost effective means to communicate with clients as well as prospective customers. Unfortunately many businesses don’t realize the importance of an e-mailer design, something that plays a crucial role in the way it is received and accepted.
To make your corporate online communication stand out, your business needs an e-mailer design that is designed especially for it, keeping in view your business and its audience. e-mailer campaigns have been rather successful in the past and continue to play a special role in the marketing strategy for your business. BrandTag, Dubai-UAE offers you e-mailer designs that are impressive as well as effective in communicating the desired marketing message. We pay attention to the little details such as the manner in which the links connect to your website to the way in which the email is presented, without losing focus on the bigger picture.

Web Content Writing 

What your website says, how it says it and how often the content is updated is what keeps both, the search engines as well as your site visitors happy. The right words set the right tone for business communication and marketing. Content is king and there are no serious contenders to that. Ultimately your website is all about its content and the manner in which it is able to connect with your target audience.
BrandTag, Dubai, UAE understands that the content development needs of every business and website differ, and accordingly deliver quality content. We first focus on gaining insight into your business and target audience and only then develop content that is apt for it. From corporate websites, e-commerce sites to websites for organizations, we offer content that is suitable and interesting enough to hold the readers’ attention and have them coming back for more.

E-mail Marketing 

For a long time now email marketing campaigns have been the most popular way of reaching out to your target audience. While there are those who think that email marketing has been done to death but the fact is that it offers personalized marketing right into the hands of the customers. The success of email marketing is dependent on how it is planned, designed and accordingly the content developed for it.
BrandTag, Dubai, UAE offers email marketing services, from developing the marketing campaign, designing the emails and their content to executing the campaign. We spend time understanding your business and your customers before we develop an email marketing campaign that will be effective as well as successful.