Door-2-Door Distribution

DOOR-2-DOOR DISTRIBUTION  is a service of the BrandTag, Dubai-UAE which has been operates from our office, in Dubai, UAE. We specialize in the door to door distribution of customers own leaflets or brochures. In addition we can design and print leaflets for most types of business in UAE. We are full team of the Direct Marketing.

How is the material distributed?
Our leaflets are NOT distributed with newspapers in UAE. Most of our clients agree that newspapers detract considerably from the impact of leaflets inserted in them. Our leaflets are carefully delivered by responsible, trained and fully monitored adults.
What areas do we cover?
In addition to the areas covered from our office in Dubai, we have a growing network of independently owned and operated franchised offices in other Emirates in UAE. Our franchisees or partners are required to operate their businesses in accordance with our operational systems to ensure a high standard of service and reliability. For a full up to date list of the areas covered throughout our network , email us to marketing@thebrandtag.com.
How do I choose what areas I want delivered?
Using apartment, villas and commercial building counts from our updated breakdown figures, BrandTag, Dubai, UAE has developed our own delivery rounds for each location we cover in Dubai or any other part of  UAE. These coverage areas are available in A4 sheet form showing each delivery round and the number of apartments, commercial buildings and villas. BrandTag, Dubai, UAE will be able to supply socio-demographic information about each round and the likely impact of the customers product or service in that area. To choose your preferred distribution location simply ask for the DOOR-2-DOOR Distribution Breakdown Sheet covering your preferred location or  email us to marketing@thebrandtag.com.
How do you backcheck your distributions ?
DOOR-2-DOOR has developed a unique method of back-checking. Using this system, the customers or clients can audit at the time of distribution and inviting members of the public to contact us about the services we offer or to become one of our growing team of deliverers. The responses are processed at BrandTag Office in Dubai, UAE, they are sorted geographically by delivery area on a daily basis. Each response we receive enables us to track the progress of the deliverer thus ensuring that the job is being properly carried out in each areas. Furthermore our adult deliverers are carefully trained as to the correct way to place the leaflets through the letterbox or infront of the doors of the apartments or gates of the villas and onto the doormat ensuring maximum visual impact and potential response.
For DOOR-2-DOOR Distribution in Dubai or any other Emirate – Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Fujairah, Umm Al Quwain, please mail us to marketing@thebrandtag.com.

Mobile & Tab Application Development

We are a young company dedicated to develop mobile applications for all technologies, focusing on design, and creativity to make unique products! We have successfully planed, designed and implemented web and mobile projects for many years. We are specialized in developing agile web and mobile apps, which are implemented in the form of start-up projects.
Our dedication to the identification of nascent innovations in the mobile world and constant research efforts separates us from the pack of purely development-focused firms. This commitment to research adds quantifiable value to our clients’ deliverables as the best in class outputs. This is in addition to our award winning development and project management process that gives the client an assurance of timely delivery of high quality products.

TV Commercial, Corporate Video  & Radio Ads

A well-executed corporate video would ideally be a perfect fusion of content, graphics, video, music, voiceover and special effects. It should be created keeping in mind the purpose of the corporate video and the audiences that will view it. At BrandTag, Dubai, UAE, we believe in creating corporate videos that reflect your business values and your commitment to your clients and customers. Corporate video presentations are ideal for showcasing the working of industrial units, facilities of corporate companies, educational institutions etc or outdoor activities of an organization or it’s people.
As part of end-to-end video production service, we can handle the following:
• Story-boarding / scripting for the demo
• Voice-over recording
• Graphic design and animation
• Video recording
• Digital photography
• Background music score
• CD case design and CD/DVD production


Advertising campaigns require just the right visuals that garner enough attention of the viewers but don’t take it away from the marketing message that is presented. In fact, with the right choice of picture and photography, the visual affect heightens the audiences receptivity to the advertisement. Photography is a key element in advertising and needs to be selected with careful consideration of the purpose of an advertisement and its audience.
BrandTag, Dubai, UAE, offers businesses a chance to find photographs that complement their advertising campaigns and create the right impact. We have a rather rich collection of photographs and if the project demands we even ensure that we capture just the right picture, that truly speaks volumes.