Digital Printing vs Screen Printing

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Display Boards 
Hanging Boards and Flat Displays Our Display Boards and Point of Sale are digital printed in Full Color from stochastic
screened plates to the same exceptionally high standard as all our other printing. The resulting boards are of a quality which
must be seen to be believed!

BRANDTAG‘s Display Boards and Point of Sale are printed on 200 gm Gloss art sheets mounted on to 2mm or 5mm thick solid and light foam board  (For A0 size and above the board used is 2.9mm). The same image is applied to each side of the board (or unprinted white 200gm paper is applied to the reverse of freestanding Boards).


We can drill your boards ready for hanging or Die cut to any finished shape.
There are three element to the cost of Die cutting boards:

  • The one off Forme cost ranges from AED.90.00 upwards depending on the size and complexity of the shape and the quantity.
  • The sample cost before boards can be cut which is AED 250.00
  • The Running cost AED.30 per board (up to A3 size) AED.60 per board (A3 size to A1 size), AED.65 per board (A1 size +)
The arrival of our new forex sheet mounting marks an exciting new era for us all. Suddenly lots of products which for volume production were previously the reserve of screen printers can be produced easily with less time.The advantages of using a Digital Printing for these products are numerous and significant.

Previously the quality of big, screen printed, Display Boards and Point of Sale was disappointing, at best!The limitations of Screen Printing meant that the print had to be made up of very large dots. When viewed at anything but a large distance away the dots made the print virtually impossible to decipher.

With BRANDTAG‘s printing unit we can print huge posters with the same exceptional clarity which has become our hallmark for smaller print sizes. The difference in quality of the finished job truly must be
seen to be believed!

Plus BRANDTAG‘s close computer control of color means that every job and every sheet of every job will
be a faithful render of the designers’ intentions.

The time taken to make traditional screens and to set up the screen print press was considerable. BRANDTAG‘s  new process uses ‘Computer to Printer’ technology and offers exceptionally fast press make ready times.

This means that  BRANDTAG's response to your needs can be virtually instant if required and our 'normal' turnaround is anything but usual!

The cost of traditionally printed Display Boards and Point of Sale is extremely high because of the time consuming nature of the process.
BRANDTAG‘s new Digital Production techniques have allowed us to make a step change in the cost of these products.Greater economy opens up the opportunity to use Displays and Point of Sale, which have proven their effectiveness over time, in applications where previously they were cost prohibitive.

On the next few posts BRANDTAG will demonstrate the possibilities by focusing in on Billboards & Back Lit Posters, Hanging Boards & Flat Displays and finally the exciting world of Three Dimensional Displays & Merchandisers.

To complement BRANDTAG's standard Full Color Printing we also offer Fabric FX (Fabric material printing) on our standard stock.
Fabric FX is a relatively new process and we are one of very few printers in Dubai, UAE.  Fabric FX  allows any number of colours 
to be produced on any kind of fabric with Full Color.

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