Embroidery Branding for Clothing & Garments

Embroidery branding is done in two processes, firstly you need your design digitized using embroidery software this converts the artwork into a format the machines can recognize and replicate the design into stitches on your garments, the design is then loaded into our machines. Secondly your design is embroidered onto the garment of your choice with your chosen thread and colors then packed. This facility is available in Dubai, UAE and we are of the service provided in this region, Dubai, UAE

Stunning raised effect embroidery is now another garment decorating service available from BRANDTAG.
This new process gives a richer, bolder almost 3D look that is particularly suitable for simpler designs and logos with strong definition, which due to the preparation and amount of stitching involved is best used on heavier based garments such as jackets and body warmers, as well as baseball caps and bags. We can do large quantity in any colors and minimum five pieces in one time.

The embroidery can be done any garments starting from Round Neck T-Shirts, Polo T-Shirts, Blankets, Jackets, Shirts, Uniforms …. the list goes on,BRANDTAG is one of the embroidery branding service provider in Dubai, UAE. We are using the latest machines with quick turn-around, we got specialized members for the designs to be converted to our machine supported format.
For Inquiries and proposals, please contact: + 971 55 1765405, email: mithun@thebrandtag.com