Identity Notebooks gives the best mileage to your brands for 2023

Identity Notebooks Identity Notebook's gives you the best mileage for your brands, by adding your company logo on the cover of your notebook by choosing your corporate color for your logo for the cover and de-bossing your logo in a prominent position.Read More

USB’s are the Best Gadgets to Compliment your clients with the best price of 2023


We are one of the leading supplier of USB‘s in UAE, USB‘s are the best gadgets or toys which can be complimented to a client or in person where the branding can be done in soo many ways like #screen #printing, UV Printing, Epoxy Printing, Laser Engraving …etc. The USB‘s can be perfectly packed individually packed with metal, wooden, plastic boxes which will be a nice gift for someone and they will carry all the day to keep their personal and work related files. We can supply any number and any kind of USB all over UAE and the neighboring countries like #Oman, #Qatar, #Bahrain, #Kuwait, #KSA ( Middleast, GCC ).

The different types of USB‘s are mentioned below :-

Jewellery USB Flash Drive pinterest

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Flexi Notebooks

Flexi Notebook

‘Flexi Notebooks’ are produced as per the name defines, its made for the flexible or daily use and these notebooks can be folded to lazy old college days which we use to keep it in our pocket. The covers are made with PU with wide range of colors starting from basic color Green, Brown, Silver, Red, Orange, Black, Navy Blue, Purple, Dark Gray, Yellow, white and the list goes-on, and its pasted to thinner GSM cover to make it flexible to fold or to carry in our hands with freedom or to recall our good old college days. The ‘Flexi Notebooks’ are made to the perfection and we make sure the notebooks lasts long and will it be a daily writing tool. Call us or e-mail us for the PU swatch to select your corporate color, and we can tailor-made your notebook with de-embossed...

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Fridge Magnets are best for Branding for 2023

Fridge Magnets are the best and effective way to attract new and existing clients. Why not showcase your brand or company logo or your services in a place that people go to many of times a day? Branded Magnets placed on an item  of daily use ensure that your company logo and service is always within the sight of the clients who actually needs good mileage of their brand & services.

We ASSURE to increase Brand Visibility with the Fridge Magnets!

  • Fridge Magnets gives repeated exposure that makes it very easy for people always to find your brand & service and call you, especially online companies, service industries like gardening, Maids Supply, cleaning & maintenance, Grocery Delivery, Restaurants, Pizza, Pick-Up Services, Laundry, Vehicle Breakdown.
  • Minimum unit cost per magnet means a bi...
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Best 2023 Car Sunshades with branding for Hot Summer


Car Sunshades are the best accessory to protect your cars interior from the summer heat, in this part of the world, bright sunlight with soaring heat of 40+ degree makes your lovely cars interiors affect very badly. BRANDTAG provides you high quality Tyvek® Sunshades, which can be brand branded with high quality images in any sizes or can be customized to any sizes. It can be used as marketing purpose as freebies or gives-away for you customers or clients with companies logo or  content for a campaign.

Car Sunshades are very Important

We all know that the sun can be both harmful and helpful for everyone, it will be equally harmful for your car too...

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Customized 2023 Ramadan & Eid Gift Boxes


We are a medium-sized professional manufacturer of wide range of gift boxes, including jewelry boxes, Leather Gift Boxes, PVC Gift Boxes, Tissue Boxes, Corporate Gift Boxes, Craft Gift Boxes, Retail Box Packs, Wooden Gift Boxes, Stationary Gift Boxes, PU gift Boxes, Candle Gift Boxes, Photography gift Boxes and other paper products, we will use our expertise to give better box packing solutions for your products and brands, our personalized service will exceed your needs.

We start from assessing to welding, full color printing, and matte & glossy lamination, all steps has to be assessed with 100% perfection to come out with great master-piece of the customized gift box. Our printing include: debossing or de-embossing, gold or silver foiling, screen printing, tag labeling and more.

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Best personalize Ceramic Mugs with your company logo for 2023


Ceramic Mugs are the best personalized item, which will be always be on a table, mugs can be branded and be gifted to your clients to give them a personalized approach. Ceramic Mugs come in wide range of colors and shapes, which can be branded with your company logo to any kind of full color print, it can be your clients smiling face to a personalized full color image.

Mugs comes in different varieties: –

  • Porcelain Mugs in unique Shapes
  • Regular Ceramic Mugs
  • Stoneware Mugs
  • Sublimation Ceramic Mugs
  • V-Shape Ceramic Mugs
  • Swirl Handle V-Shape Mugs
  • U-Shape Sublimation Mugs
  • Ceramic Mug with Silicon rubber grip & lid
  • Ceramic round Mugs
  • Inner handle Color Mug
  • Rim Handle Color Mug
  • Clear Sublimation Mugs
  • Lovers Mug
  • Animal Handle Mug

BRANDTAG can supply any quantity of mugs in and around UAE, and th...

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Non Woven Bags makes life easier in 2023

non-woven bag_brandtag

BRANDTAG  is one of the main supplier and manufacturers which specialize in producing shopping bags, shoulder bags ,cotton bags and in laminated PP woven, PP non-woven, colored non-woven, pet materials an Jute Bags in Dubai and UAE . We promise to provide high quality non-woven  and jute products and excellent service to every client. We guarantee your inquiry will be replied within 12 hours and you samples will be ready within 7 – 10 days. 100% of  products are exported to overseas markets, mainly to the Middle East or GCC. As a rapid developing company, we look forward to increasing our cooperation with all types companies in the Middle East or GCC . If you are interested in sourcing non-woven bags and Jute Bags.
Non woven BagsNon woven bags
The non woven material is strong and durable and it is ...

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